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Our Education Counseling Plans

By using our extensive experience as college admissions experts in Bergen County NJ, and our in-depth knowledge of college options, we create a plan for finding a college that meets the needs and preferences of your student. We form a team with parents and students to discern their goals and preferences so we can provide advice for college preparation.


Finding College Options

As credentialed educational counselors in Bergen County NJ, we provide students and families a list of different college options that fit with the student’s interests, aptitude, and personality.



Since many parents have questions about private college counseling in Bergen County NJ, we have provided answers to some of the most common questions students and their families have about college counseling services.


Where To Find A College Admissions Counselor In Ho-Ho-Kus NJ

Finding a college admissions expert in Bergen County NJ is among the best ways you can make sure you get into the best college for you. This is the reason you need to seek out Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling. For over 20 years now, we’ve been helping families and students get through the college admissions process with the least amount of stress possible. When you need advice for college in Ho-Ho-Kus NJ, there’s no one more qualified.

College Admissions Counseling Ho-Ho-Kus NJ

If you’re in need of private college admissions counseling in Bergen County NJ, it’s always good to begin the process early. Finding a college and the application process does not start in the junior year of high school anymore. Even in freshman year of high school, families and students are already reviewing prospective colleges and their entrance requirements for their desired course of study. They know that beginning the search this early results in a considerably better likelihood of being accepted into the student’s preferred school or program. Because many students and their families often find high school’s first year difficult on its own, college admissions help in Ho-Ho-Kus NJ from a college admissions counselor will make it much easier to get ready for the admissions process for a college program that will best suit the student’s needs and long term goals.

Why You Need College Admissions Counseling In Bergen County NJ

Seeking quality educational counseling in Bergen County NJ more than pays for itself when you take into consideration the sheer amount of money that is involved in a college education. To be sure you get the most out of this investment, make sure you obtain college admissions counseling. College is an expensive thing to commit to, notably out of pocket, as well as the lost opportunity costs. Opportunity costs are the potential wages that a student loses by making the option to pay for and attend college rather than working during that time. With these costs combined, you can see what a major investment one is making by choosing to go to college. There is no need to make such a major choice with numerous expenses involved without the assistance of a professional in private college guidance counseling.

College Admissions Counselor Ho-Ho-Kus NJ

A private college admissions counselor in Bergen County NJ can help you identify your goals. By doing this, it will be possible to identify what colleges are going to best suit the students academic and occupational goals. It is also important to choose a college where the student will thrive personally and socially. Every university or college will have their own campus atmospheres and philosophies. One of the reasons why you need college admissions counseling in Ho-Ho-Kus NJ is because a private college counselor is familiar enough with different colleges to help make this decision easier. Similar to the way students are trying to college admissions officers the best impression possible, schools attempt to show prospective students the college in the best light. College admissions experts can inform parents and students things to remember when they visit college campuses.

College Options Ho-Ho-Kus NJ

There are other reasons why a college counselor is essential for evaluating your college options in Bergen County NJ. Some schools are better suited for specific disciplines of study than others. That means that the student should determine which area they wish to concentrate on and select a college accordingly. These are the details college guidance counseling is able to help you with. Not every student wants to or is able to relocate to the other side of the country. What regional schools can offer the potential student are an essential thing to find out. Schools offer other variables which might be vital to students, such as social occasions and extracurricular activities. There are so many considerations that factor into such a decision that contacting Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling will help relieve a great deal of stress when it comes time to go over your college options in Ho-Ho-Kus NJ.

Advice For College Bergen County NJ

Students discover that they have an easier time getting into their school of choice by preparing early with a private college counselor in Bergen County NJ. A student who wants to be remain competitive candidate for desired college programs should identify several possible schools and then choose high school courses that will help them attain their goals. Which Advanced Placement courses and electives which will be most beneficial in regards to getting accepted into colleges is another factor to consider. A private college counselor can also help you determine what elective classes and Advanced Placement courses will be most beneficial to you. Remember, success in college begins with private college guidance counseling in Ho-Ho-Kus NJ.

Private Educational Counselor Bergen County NJ

You’ll see that private educational counseling in Bergen County NJ can remove the stress and uncertainty from choosing a college. A college guidance counselor can help with a lot of things, for example the elements of college admissions, the overall college experience, methods to deal with the financial burdens, and ways to get the most out of your college experience. College advice can help figure out how to fund a college education practically. Assisting you in obtaining the most out of school funding is something which Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling will be thrilled to assist you with.

Where To Find A College Admissions Counselor In Bergen County NJ

Contact Pearl Glassman today if you’re looking for a professional college admissions expert in Bergen County NJ. We have assisted students in locating and getting into top ranked universities and colleges for over two decades. Don’t wait, contact us today!