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Our Education Counseling Plans

By using our extensive experience as college admissions experts in Bergen County NJ, and our in-depth knowledge of college options, we create a plan for finding a college that meets the needs and preferences of your student. We form a team with parents and students to discern their goals and preferences so we can provide advice for college preparation.


Finding College Options

As credentialed educational counselors in Bergen County NJ, we provide students and families a list of different college options that fit with the student’s interests, aptitude, and personality.



Since many parents have questions about private college counseling in Bergen County NJ, we have provided answers to some of the most common questions students and their families have about college counseling services.


Private Educational Counseling Wood-Ridge NJ

If you have been looking for the best possible quality advice for finding a college in Bergen County NJ, look no further than Pearl Glassman for all of your requirements. Pearl Glassman’s team of experts has decades of expertise when it comes to assisting students as well as their parents to select their ideal schools, and helping those students get accepted to the schools they choose. Planning the right college to spend four years in takes time and guidance from an expert college admissions counselor is going to significantly help the process. The whole college application process might be terrifying, however, with the appropriate guidance it will be much less overwhelming. That’s why you need private college guidance counseling in Bergen County NJ, to ensure that you take all of the crucial factors into consideration, and plan accordingly for your college career path.

College Admissions Counseling Bergen County NJ

Professional private college guidance counseling in Bergen County NJ hasn’t ever been more available than at Pearl Glassman. Nowhere else are you going to experience the same dedication that our college admissions counselors have to analyzing your academic past and evaluating your life goals to create a complete college plan. Your grades and test scores are capable of playing a big job in which colleges you should be applying to, and the experts at Pearl Glassman will help you find the schools that are searching for students just like you. Evaluating your college options is capable of being difficult with such a large number of institutions in the Tri-State area alone but Pearl Glassman is here to assist you in making sense of it all and find the right choice for you. You’ll have a clear advantage over other students after seeking college admissions advice. While you have perhaps never gone through these steps before, the counselors at Pearl Glassman have gone through this procedure many times, and understand precisely how to ensure everything is in order when you apply to colleges. This is why so many reach out to us when they need private college guidance counseling in Wood-Ridge NJ.

college admissions expert Wood-Ridge NJ

Taking the anxiety off finding college is only one of the services that Pearl Glassman offers as a top college advisor in Bergen County NJ. We also offer training to prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT and much more. We shall answer any questions that you and your family have about applying to college and also help you gather the materials for a complete application. Pearl Glassman is the top option for help with choosing college, but is also a top resource when you are in secondary school as well. We’re also going to help you determine what classes are perfect to enroll in along with the extra curricular activities which will help you get accepted to the school you desire. Even after you been accepted, our counselors are going to supply more answers and support through the first year of college. If you’re looking for a top college advisor Wood-Ridge NJ you’re able to trust don’t hesitate to call us.