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Our Education Counseling Plans

By using our extensive experience as college admissions experts in Bergen County NJ, and our in-depth knowledge of college options, we create a plan for finding a college that meets the needs and preferences of your student. We form a team with parents and students to discern their goals and preferences so we can provide advice for college preparation.


Finding College Options

As credentialed educational counselors in Bergen County NJ, we provide students and families a list of different college options that fit with the student’s interests, aptitude, and personality.



Since many parents have questions about private college counseling in Bergen County NJ, we have provided answers to some of the most common questions students and their families have about college counseling services.


Educational Counseling in Bergen County NJ

Choosing the ideal college or university to match a student’s needs can be challenging. With the huge variety of choices that are available, the process of researching, visiting, and planning finances for any one school is understandably overwhelming. For these reasons, an Educational Counselor in Bergen County NJ is a remarkably useful resource that parents and students should take advantage of.

There are a number of factors that are necessary to consider when researching schools. These include the programs offered by the school, its location, and expected tuition to name a few. If a student already has a strong idea of the career path they want to pursue, it is possible to select a school that is oriented toward more specific programs and curricula. This is not often the case, however, as many students entering secondary education are still not sure of what career they want to pursue. In those cases, a student might consider a liberal arts college that offers more diverse courses. Ultimately, utilizing the expert advice of a Bergen County NJ Educational Counselor can help determine which of these options is best for your child.

Full-time undergraduates may find themselves interested in a particular school’s club activities. Getting involved in such programs is beneficial for many reasons: For one, club activities and events are a fun and effective way to meet new people, which is especially important as a freshman student. While classes, studying, and additional work associated with one’s education will certainly make up a considerable amount of a student’s schedule, club activities are a great way to fill free time in a productive manner. Furthermore, such activities contribute to a student’s record of active participation and networking abilities, which are undoubtedly useful qualities to possess when interviewing for a job or distributing resumes.

Beyond the programs and majors offered by a college, an important consideration is the geographical location of a campus. Some families prefer to remain close, and as such they prefer to keep their child’s selection of colleges limited to nearby locations. On the other hand, many students look forward to the opportunity to travel and establish independence — with so many great schools across the nation, there is no shortage of opportunities for a student to meet both their individual desires and their family’s preferences.

Often the most important part of a family’s decision in selecting an appropriate school, tuition costs and other associated expenses must be carefully explored before committing to further research. While U.S. universities offer unparalleled excellence in their educational programs, they frequently rank among the most expensive institutions in the world. A student may strongly desire to attend a specific school, but if that student’s family is not able to responsibly afford that education, certain compromises must be made. offers educational counseling in Bergen County NJ that will provide the necessary experience and perspective to properly establish a plan that keeps in mind the student’s and family’s educational goals.