With over thirty years of experience in assisting families and students, Pearl Glassman has become a leading center for college admissions help in Bergen County NJ. Knowing the stress and distress which can be brought on a family when finding a college, we make it our job to reduce that tension throughout the college admission procedure, staying with the students and parents throughout the whole process. When you need assistance in finding a private college counselor or even understanding why you need college admissions counseling, Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling will be here to help guide you through, step by step until your goals are met. Because we are not associated with any specific school, we’re capable of offering students impartial opinions regarding which learning environments will be the best match for their specific interests and special educational requirements. We’ll have the ability to customize a college admission plan customized to your family’s unique requirements in addition to this, making sure you are happy with the selections that have been made. Remembering that every child is unique and has different interests and goals for college, Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling has become a top educational counselor in Bergen County NJ.

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Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling will be here to assist you when picking college options in Bergen County NJ and the rest of the local region since the amount of alternatives out there can easily become overwhelming. Our educational counselors are professional and experienced, and are going to work collectively as a team with families and students to come up with a plan of action with the understanding of all the available college options. Having a college admissions plan which matches your requirements can make the process easier. This may include a list of colleges or schools that best suit the students requirements, advice regarding admissions protocol, brainstorming and reviewing college admissions essays and even guidance on admission testing such as SAT, ACT and SSAT. We are dedicated to our students at Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling not only through the college admissions process but during the academic year as well. We demonstrate this with follow-up consultations upon acceptance along with throughout the year. This high level of dedicated to our students and families is a main reason why Pearl Glassman should be your top choice when looking for college guidance in Bergen County NJ.

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As a highly rated college admissions expert in Bergen County NJ we wish assist you in understanding the entire college application procedure, and to this end we ensure it is easy to be aware of when the appropriate time to apply to the school of your choice is. Having readily available both Senior and Junior College admission schedules on our site, your choices aren’t going to be restricted in terms of finding the right fit for you needs. You are able to be confident you’re in good hands in regards to college admissions guidance in Cresskill NJ thanks to the fact that we additionally have available a listing of colleges that have accepted students we’ve worked with and testimonials from previous students and families.