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Our Education Counseling Plans

By using our extensive experience as college admissions experts in Bergen County NJ, and our in-depth knowledge of college options, we create a plan for finding a college that meets the needs and preferences of your student. We form a team with parents and students to discern their goals and preferences so we can provide advice for college preparation.


Finding College Options

As credentialed educational counselors in Bergen County NJ, we provide students and families a list of different college options that fit with the student’s interests, aptitude, and personality.



Since many parents have questions about private college counseling in Bergen County NJ, we have provided answers to some of the most common questions students and their families have about college counseling services.


College Admissions Help Allendale NJ

Taking into account the large amount of competition for college admissions and scholarships, seeking private college admissions counseling in Bergen County NJ as soon as your child’s first year of high school is vital. An college guidance counselor, like you’ll discover at Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling, not only goes over the different college options with you and your child to assist in the procedure for finding the college which is likely to be the ideal fit for your child, but in addition supplies private college admissions counseling regarding course selection and admissions testing throughout your student’s high school year. Seeking out private college guidance counseling in Allendale NJ from a professional private college counselor will ensure that your child has the most extensive variety of available college options open to them when they make their final decision.

College Admissions Help Allendale NJ

The procedure for choosing a college that is going to be perfect for your child is so complex because there is such a great number of universities and colleges in competition with one another for top performing students. All these colleges are going to be presenting themselves as the top alternative as well, making this process even more difficult for students and parents. At Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling you’re going to find an college guidance counselor in Bergen County NJ that may really get to know your child and family, in addition to your child’s passions and aptitudes, developing a framework to use in finding a college that will be the very best fit. The next step in the process is to ensure that your child chooses the classes throughout high school to position them for admission to the programs and colleges identified when reviewing the various college options. Making the investment in college counseling in Allendale NJ today will mean you along with your child will be saved the disappointment and expense that comes with discovering the college options you have selected are not right for you.

Private College Admissions Counselor Bergen County NJ

An college admissions expert in Bergen County NJ not only assists you and your child when you’re trying to find colleges, but also throughout the whole college admissions journey. The following are a couple of examples of a few of the college guidance counseling and college advice provided by an college guidance counselor:

— Choosing the college admission test, such as the ACT or SAT, that will capture your students strengths;

— Supplying suggestions for college admissions essays and going over the completed work;

— Offering guidance when making visits to campuses;

— Providing assistance when determining which school to attend from among your various college options.

Finding College Bergen County NJ

Information and guidance regarding the various types of scholarships and financial aid available to assist with a college education’s significant price are also advantages of looking for professional private educational counseling in Allendale NJ.

College Admissions Help Allendale NJ

Locating an college counselor in Bergen County NJ having qualifications in private college counseling, has a record of successfully finding colleges which are a good fit for students, and does not have any allegiances to specific colleges is crucial if you’d like to gain a competitive edge in the college admissions procedure. Call Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling now for an educational counselor who fits this criteria.