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Our Education Counseling Plans

By using our extensive experience as college admissions experts in Bergen County NJ, and our in-depth knowledge of college options, we create a plan for finding a college that meets the needs and preferences of your student. We form a team with parents and students to discern their goals and preferences so we can provide advice for college preparation.


Finding College Options

As credentialed educational counselors in Bergen County NJ, we provide students and families a list of different college options that fit with the student’s interests, aptitude, and personality.



Since many parents have questions about private college counseling in Bergen County NJ, we have provided answers to some of the most common questions students and their families have about college counseling services.


College Admissions Guidance Ridgewood NJ

Whether you are in the process of exploring college options or in search of college advice to maximize the chances you’ll get accepted into your top choice for college, securing the services of an experienced college admissions counselor in Bergen County NJ is extremely important. Finding a college admissions counselor who is local is vital because they is going to be familiar with local schools, which gives them an edge when providing assistance when you’re choosing college programs. Fortunately, with Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling you will find a top choice for college admissions guidance in Ridgewood NJ.

Private College Counseling Bergen County NJ

An experienced and knowledgeable college guidance counselor in Bergen County NJ helps both parents and students sort through the attractive and glossy brochures to make the process of finding a college that is both affordable and geared to meeting the requirements of the students both academically and socially. While parents and students alike are finding college admissions to be an extremely competitive process, many do not realize the degree of competition post-secondary schools face when top students are choosing the college they plan on attending. The process of a choosing a college best suited for a student’s particular and needs very difficult is something that many colleges and universities make more challenging. When you want the very best, make Pearl Glassman your first choice when you need college admissions guidance in Ridgewood NJ.

Private College Counselor Ridgewood NJ

If exploring college options and making your choice for college is something you and your student have done already, you might not be certain why finding a professional private educational counselor in Bergen County NJ is so important. By taking the right classes in high school, your admissions packet is going to stand out easier from all the other students. Knowing how to proceed is going to be significantly simpler as a result of the vital insight into the college admissions process you’re capable of receiving from a professional college admissions counselor. A professional college counselor is capable of making use of an evaluation of your student’s strengths as a means of ascertaining which college admissions test is going to best reflect the abilities of your student. If you are trying to find a top private college admissions counselor near Ridgewood NJ with a track record for helping students to get into the college of their choice, the answer is capable of being found at Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling.

Private College Guidance Counseling Bergen County NJ

When it comes to professional college guidance counseling in Bergen County NJ, a counselor doesn’t stop at helping students and parents find the best possible college options. There are several examples, such as making sure essays for college admissions packets are properly prepared by the students. In addition, a college admissions counselor also helps youth prepare for college admissions interviews. A lot of scholarships and grants are out there that are capable of making college affordable for parents, but a lot of times you may not be aware of them in the way a professional counselor will. When you choose Pearl Glassman Educational Counseling when you need a college admissions counselor, you also ensure your child has college advice while they’re attending the college of their choice. Don’t forget, seeking out a professional college admissions counselor during a student’s freshman or sophomore year in high school increases his or her chance of gaining entry into the school of their choice. Make Pearl Glassman your first choice when you’re looking for college guidance in Ridgewood NJ or the rest of the local region.