Why Standardized Tests Are Still Important

For most colleges standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT , SAT II’s and AP’s are an important part of the college admissions review process. Over the last several years many colleges have seen an increase in applications due to several factors such as college rankings, the ease of electronic submissions, the Common Application (where students fill out one application for several schools) and the increased competition from international students. Colleges like receiving applications not only for the revenue it drives but as a means to increase the quality of their student body. Standardized testing is an efficient and quick way to determine qualified applicants, especially for highly selective schools. Attending a more selective school is seen as being more prestigious since a smaller number of applicants can get in. The supply is lower, therefore more desirable. Selectivity is calculated by comparing the number of people who apply to a school to the number of people they accept. The bigger the disparity in the number, the more selective the school. A school that receives 10,000 applications and lets in 1,000 people is more selective than a college that receives 10,000 and lets in 5,000.

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Social media, especially Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have become an integral part of every high school student’s life. What many aspiring college students often forget is that college admissions officers consider Facebook and Instagram a means of getting a picture of what an applicant is like in real life. Often they check these accounts of prospective students. Even with the highest privacy settings, it’s likely that a search engine can still find some posts about you. With the new Snap Maps additions to Snapchat feature, anyone in the world can see the photos and videos being posted in any location.

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WYNJTV “Community Impact” with Janet Loren

CBRG’s Certified Academic College Planner, Janet Loren, Discusses Her College Expertise

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College Preparation on The Fresh Outlook TV Show

Janet Loren and Frank Cipolla discuss how to plan for college along with its many benefits.

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Finding an accredited Independent Educational Consultant to guide students and families through the college application process. Janet Loren speaks with about how IECs work to “find the right academic and social environment that will allow their student to thrive and be successful.”

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On The Radio with CBRG

CBRG’s co-founder, Steven Sirot, and Educational Counselor, Janet Loren, discuss the importance of social, academic, AND financial fit in the college search process.

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Starting to look at colleges?

What to consider when choosing the best college for successful students. interviews Janet Loren in working with families to find the right “fit” for their child not only financially, but academically and socially as well.

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‘Women Crash Wednesdays’ with


How can I make the most out of college fairs without becoming so overwhelmed by all of the various colleges present?

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Should students work hard to become an expert in a particular field, or should they try to know a bit about many subjects?

Not all students are able to determine exactly what they want to do at the start of college. In fact, many get confused about which field to focus on. It’s not a bad decision to study different subjects, and then eventually pick the one where the student excels the most. Many successful people today possess a group of skills and know the interconnections among various disciplines. They are flexible and capable of intellectually adapting to change. Even those who are dedicated to a certain field understand and appreciate the importance of other disciplines in dealing with various problems and situations. In today’s modern times, being capable of applying knowledge to different situations and having a versatile, multifaceted background is highly important.